How to keep your candle burning clean and beautifully

The Prayer and Intentions candles are made with 100% natural soy and coconut wax. The coconut wax is made from the meat of the coconut which is organic, renewable and has zero pesticides. It is then blended with soy to provide a nice consistency to provide a clean, even burn. 

  • Your souls should dance, not the flame on your candle. Trim your wicks! In order to encourage the cleanest burn possible trimming you wick after the initial use is recommended. 
  • Let it melt! Always allow your wax to melt until the wax reaches the outer edge of the jar, especially durning the first burn. This will help the candle burn evenly without any tunneling around the wick. 
  • Crystals provide the candle with beauty and help to support meaningful intentions. Most crystals are fine being left in the candle durning the burn. But in some cases the crystal may be too large and we suggest removing them prior to the initial burn. You can set the crystal alongside your candle or put it in a sacred place. 

Following these few simple steps will ensure your candle has a long lasting clean burn. 


Candles have a 50+ hour burn time